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  1. dianas May 14, 2009

    Quote by Azura1Breenawhat's this anime about, it looks cute ^__^?thnx

    Unfortunately there is no anime for Clover
    but there are some teaser trailers... so Clover has only a manga for now :3
    but who knows perhaps we can hope that in the future
    Clamp will make an anime for Clover XD

  2. Azura1Breena Mar 11, 2009

    what's this anime about, it looks cute ^__^?thnx

  3. CaMiLi Feb 07, 2009

    :( so inactive here :( too bad.. btu nevertheless... i still love this grouuuuuuuup >___<

  4. amuikuto2009 Dec 22, 2008

    hi I'm the member of this club and please take good care of me well. I hope I can post a wallpaper soon too.

  5. Hanazaki May 28, 2008

    Since we're affiliate members why don't you join in this fun event.
    Banner Contest

  6. CaMiLi Jan 25, 2008

    O__x I'M SO SoRRY that i was so busy with university ..but i'm here noooooow :3 !

  7. Danielly Jan 21, 2008

    nayh thanks hehe ^^

  8. Sabbathiel Jan 21, 2008

    Very nice cards! I like them :)

  9. Danielly Dec 24, 2007
    what can we do to make things more fun here?

    merged: 12-31-2007 ~ 11:56pm
    hey look what i made for the magic_the Gathering group ^^

  10. dianas Nov 30, 2007

    wops this group is a little "dead" where is everyone o.O

    merged: 12-23-2007 ~ 05:32pm
    here is a little something from me to all the members of this group :3

  11. Hanazaki Oct 02, 2007

    hello, peeps! I'm sorry for not coming here regularly (make eyes puppylike)
    Just wanna say I'm still breathing and will come in full strength this coming December.
    I'll be back! (Morita style)

    merged: 11-11-2007 ~ 05:33pm
    Hello. Since we're affiliate members why don't you join in this fun event. Click to these two threads for more info.
    1. Best of the best Clampfans gallery 2007
    2. Vote for the top 10 wallies

  12. dianas Oct 01, 2007

    Quote by melaniebarrowdianas,it's wonderful!i saw it in the full view and i think it's too pretty!^^


    ^_^ I am really glad that you liked it gomen for my absence I haven`t had too much time lately to come and visit MT
    I am wandering where Dani-chan is

  13. melaniebarrow Sep 03, 2007

    dianas,it's wonderful!i saw it in the full view and i think it's too pretty!^^


  14. dianas Aug 31, 2007

    :) now after some weeks of inactivity I managed to make a new wallpaper
    so here is my newest work :D

  15. Sabbathiel Aug 29, 2007

    I see new amazing works by CaMiLi and new tag of DianaS :)

    long time no see... geezs I have work and no time to do something in graphic.. almost - there you go some of my latest tags:)

  16. Danielly Aug 27, 2007

    yeah people it's hard when we lost someone we love
    i didn't knew her but from what i read she was really loved....
    all we have to do now is live to make her happy wherever she is, ne?
    let's cheer up otherwise she'll be sad....

  17. CaMiLi Aug 19, 2007

    yeah just read it in the sema-thread before ;_; i miss her too,.. can't believe that she's gone :((( talked to her 3 weeks ago, and she cheered me up because of uni and some stuff like that,.. we had talked about our life damn... she was sick and she encouraged me,.. *cry* she was such a lovely girl :((( miss her too ,..*cries more*

    merged: 08-26-2007 ~ 08:12pm
    Presenting my artwork : Sunrise Beauty

  18. dianas Aug 13, 2007

    Quote by CaMiLiDi do you know what happen to her? its soo sad,.. *tears*

    poor girl she neglected her health ..she had pulmonary embolism u_u I miss her

  19. CaMiLi Aug 09, 2007

    Di do you know what happen to her? its soo sad,.. *tears*

    My Newest Submission:
    Symphony Orchestra

    for our beloved semanga :( may u rest in peace!

  20. dianas Aug 08, 2007

    well this is the circle of life u_u others go others come in to our world

    ChrnoKero your wallpaper with Sue has been added to the gallery of the group :D
    yesterday was my mam`s b-day :) so I had some fun now I will probably start to be active again on MT

    many people have health problems lately >_>

  21. Danielly Aug 05, 2007

    this is surelly sad Di-chan...
    well i jsut got a present from my so taent friend wappy and just wated to share with ya ^^

    here: my present from Wappy-kun

  22. dianas Aug 01, 2007

    Me, Diana S one of the administrators of the Clover 4 ever group on MT as I sign of deep respect

    I sadly announce that one of the most talented wallers of MT has left us..she went to a better place but this was too soon T_T

    Semanga will remain in our hearts and we will never forget her if you want to write something to her visit this thread To all Friends from Semanga

    she was an important person to me and I am sure that many people admired her work
    so it is hard to write this msg

    excuse me all

  23. CaMiLi Jul 24, 2007

    Presenting my latest artwork : Sending my Hopes to Heaven

  24. Danielly Jul 22, 2007

    welcome KyoTohruMouseCandyDodo2 !
    yes you can find the clover manga and goodies here ^^
    + if you wan he clover music video i can share ^^

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